December 11, 2015

Hypnosis for fear of driving

What is Fear of driving and why it happens?

Fear of driving is one of the most common psychological disorders. There is no medical term to describe the driving phobia, but the symptoms and struggles exist for many people, even if for those who have already obtained a driving license.

Hypnosis for fear of drivingThe causes of most driving phobias can lie in the aftermath of a trauma involving a car, for example, an accident, the failure of braking systems, or even being told some bad news whilst in a car.

Driving can be an unpredictable experience because it involves other drivers on the roads around you; however you must assume that those drivers have all revised the Highway Code to keep in practice with safe usage of a car. They studied and passed the exact same test and procedures as you and understand the dangers and risks of performing outside of those proposed guidelines. Also, for decades now protection is installed inside all road vehicles to prevent harm to drivers and passengers, such as seat belts, airbags, anti-lock brakes and so on. As long as you are alert and aware of your surroundings when inside a car and trust that you can complete your journey without any distractions then you will be safe.

Reasons for a Fear of driving

Motorway Fear of driving – This is often associated with newly qualified drivers who have never experienced significant exposure to this type of driving when learning. The motorway can seem daunting because of the speeds and the amount of traffic on the road.

Fear of driving in Traffic – Some people may feel comfortable driving around back roads in quiet areas but when they come into a town center they feel overwhelmed by the numbers of cars on the road. This may mean that they start to avoid dual carriageways, rush hour and driving in the center of town.

Driving Anxiety on Bridges – Some clients fear driving over bridges because their real fear is one of the heights and not the actual driving.

Fear of driving Tests – We also work with people who are feeling anxious because of their driving test. Through the use of positive visualization and relaxation techniques we can help to calm your nerves.*

Total Avoidance of Driving – If you have a total fear of driving and are unable to visualize yourself even getting into a car and starting lessons we can also help you to take back control.

However, this may do little to alleviate the fear in people who have a serious phobia of driving. They might be afraid to perform a certain maneuver, such as not turning right, or may plan entire routes around avoiding particular roundabouts or roads. More generally, some people constantly shake with nervousness behind the wheel, develop headaches or feel nauseous, making comfortable driving difficult.

A driving anxiety may prevent you from attending social functions, make you late for work, or cause you to miss important meetings or appointments. It can create unnecessary detours, making you waste unnecessary time as you plan your next journey at length, which in itself may make you nervous to travel. A driving phobia instigates stress and creates mental pressure that also affects your ability to drive safely.

If you are suffering from fear of driving, think about clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy works by changing the subconscious associations which cause the inconvenient and difficult phobia of driving. By addressing the psychological cause of your fear our worldwide recognized hypnotherapist Victor Tsan, MD will help you to confidently and successfully overcome your fear of driving, giving you the mental tools to help you to form new, and positive attitudes. Once your negative associations with driving have been replaced with a more positive understanding, you will be able to resume a happier life without the anxiety or panic previously caused by car travel.

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