October 5, 2015

Hypnosis treatment in Philadelphia

Looking for hypnosis treatment in Philadelphia?

Hypnosis treatment in Philadelphia has two main approaches: analysis and suggestion therapy. The analysis is all about finding the cause of a specific disorder while the suggestion therapy is all about influencing the mind in changing bad habits. Hence, hypnosis treatment is a great aid when it comes to anxiety, fears, sleep deprivation, stress or loss. Bad habits and pain management are also included here due to the fact that hypnosis allows the patient to explore and find out what triggered a specific behavior.

Best places for hypnosis in Philadelphia.

So, there remains one big question: what hypnotherapy clinic you should opt for your hypnosis treatment in Philadelphia?

The majority of people have undergone hypnosis, however, most likely it wasn’t in a medical center. The practice of clinical hypnotherapy can be found thousands of years back in philosophies and principals of different civilizations on our planet. Initially, it was performed for pain control purpose during surgical operations and later doctors realized that this method may benefit in many other medical cases. Today, clinical hypnosis is frequently utilized as an instrument by physicians, dentists, and therapists. Clinical Hypnosis well-known as a powerful tool for the treatment of many different diseases: anxiety, panic attacks, depressions, fears, and phobias, smoking cessation, weight control, chronic stress disorder, IBS, and many more.

In the paragraph above one word makes a very strong statement. The word is “treatment”. It is very important to understand that treatment must be performed by a medical professional only. No IFs and no BUTs. And only a medical doctor trained in clinical hypnotherapy can perform the treatment and to bring the expected results. Don’t settle for less and don’t give a right to fix your health to hypnotists that believe they can treat people because they graduated 3-5 days long hypnosis classes. To use the powerful tool called “clinical hypnosis” hypnotherapist must understand much more than the simple technique of placing a patient into a hypnotic trance state.

The so-called hypnosis centers that appeared on the top of the first page of Google are more than likely non-medical. Just try to Google for “hypnosis in Philadelphia” or “hypnosis treatment in Philadelphia”.

The first record that appears on the top of the first page is “Center City Hypnosis Philadelphia Hypnotist“. Let’s see who is hypnotizing in this center…

My background:
Before I started Center City Hypnosis, I made a nice living in software development. My previous work included:…” This bio copied and paste from the website above written by Steve Roh, Chief Hypnosis Officer.

The second record on the first page of Google belongs to “A New Hope Hypnosis“.

The hypnotist’s name is Damian Miller. According to his story, he witnessed “My rock climbing teacher had hypnotized her and helped her to overcome her fear.” This rock climbing teacher then became Damian Miller’s hypnotherapy instructor.

Which hypnosis center holds the 3rd place on Google? Maybe it’s a medical center led by psychiatrists, or psychologists, or neurologists?

No, on the 3rd place – Plymouth Hypnosis Center in Philadelphia — Bryan Toder

According to this website “Bryan was trained and certified in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy by the National Guild of Hypnotists and the American Board of Hypnotherapists.” 

Nothing about Brian’s background… Is he a physician, a psychologist, a medical professional? No, he is not. He is hypnotist trained by the National Guild of Hypnotists.  The only problem is that National Guild of Hypnotists does not provide training in either hypnosis or hypnotherapy. Moreover, search for Bryan D. Toder on NGH website brings error message “No records found”.

So, what clinical hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy are all about? Are they represent that part of medical science in which a rock climbing instructor or computer programmer may dip inside the most complexed infrastructures in the world – human brain of the emotionally or mentally sick people and make changes in their subconscious mind? Can this rock climbing instructor also teach other people to do the same “mind surgery”?

Choose Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic for Hypnosis Treatment in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic founded by Dr. Tsan in 1999 as a subdivision of well-known and internationally recognized holistic center Viva Healthy Life. In this center, all holistic techniques reside under one roof. We are medical professionals and for your entire medical needs you can get a qualified help here.

Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic represents one of the best places where you can benefit from various services that include hypnosis in Philadelphia and Neuro- Linguistic Programming in Philadelphia. This clinic is managed by Dr. Tsan one of the most renown therapists worldwide.

Doctor Victor Tsan is a certified hypnotherapist, homeopath, and acupuncturist. His main specialty is the holistic treatment in which he has an extensive experience due to the many years of practice. Dr. Tsan is specialized in mood disorders, anxiety and various other issues like addiction, bad habits, behavioral problems, OCD, PTSD or substance abuse. The approach of treatment can differ from one patient to another depending on the problems he has. The treatment orientation may have at its basis coaching, cognitive behavioral or CBT, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, NLP or acupuncture and homeopathy. The variety of approaches arises from the fact that everyone is unique and has special needs when it comes to dealing with a specific disorder.

Hypnosis treatment in Philadelphia by Dr. Tsan

Those are the main reasons why this clinic is so popular for hypnosis in Philadelphia.  It does not matter if you opt for individual, couples or family therapy because here is the place where you find it all. Dr. Tsan is the one who tries to find the center of a specific issue, instead of guiding his treatment by the patient’s assumptions. This represents an innovative approach that was established by Dr. Tsan.

There are various reasons why you should opt for the services provided by Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic. First of all, always keep in mind that in the field of hypnotherapy are many impostors that pretend to have experience. In reality, they do not know what this practice is about and end up tricking you. At Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic, there is no such thing as an impostor. Dr. Tsan is dedicated to alternative medicine and he has many years of experience behind.

The one-on-one sessions are those adopted by Dr. Tsan. He believes that group therapy does not deal with the real problem of a patient. Moreover, it does not matter if we are talking about serious disorders or bad habits; the goal is to approach the problem from the subconscious. This cannot be achieved properly in group therapy. This clinic focuses on individual sessions and offers the best treatment available nowadays. Spotting the cause, acknowledging it and dealing with it is a lot easier when the patient has all the attention of the doctor.

Another thing that stands out when it comes to Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic is the fact that Dr. Tsan offers the possibility for a patient to first try the services. This means that the first consultation is free and allows the patient to decide whether or not he want to continue the hypnosis treatment in Philadelphia with Dr. Tsan.

Hence, it is true that there are many people who claim they have a degree in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. In fact, the majority are impostors that focus only on material benefits. At Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic, the accent is put on the patients and their wellbeing. The goal is to help them to understand the causes of problems and to guide them through the healing process.

Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic is your best choice for Hypnosis Treatment in Philadelphia

So, let`s see why you should opt for this clinic led by Dr. Tsan for hypnosis treatment in Philadelphia. First of all, Dr. Tsan has many years of experience in dealing with different issues and he guides his session by the patient`s needs only. His main goal is to trigger a deeper response in the patient`s mind in order to replace destructive thoughts. Moreover, this clinic is internationally recognized and considered one of the best because it provides a wide range of services. Alcohol issues, smoking, weight loss, depression, ADD, ADHD and even anger management, are all dealt with in this clinic. It is rather rare to have such a variety of services in a hypnotherapy clinic, so this is what makes this clinic stand out.

Philadelphia Hypnotherapy clinic also offers acupuncture and homeopathy. Homeopathy is all about determining the body to use its own healing mechanisms. Hence, both homeopathy and hypnosis treatment make a great team when it comes to healing from within. This clinic focuses on both types of therapy in order to provide the best services possible. Patients state the fact that this clinic is the place to go if you want to benefit from the most qualitative hypnosis treatment in Philadelphia.

Bottom line, if you want to benefit from the best hypnosis in Philadelphia, you should opt for the services provided by this clinic. This clinic is award winner of Fox29 and PHL17 local TV stations, which makes a statement when it comes to the quality of the provided services.

For your hypnotherapy in Philadelphia choose Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic – the most trusted, professional entity.

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