November 2, 2015

Hypnotherapy for Depression

Depression is a common disease

Nowadays, the most common disorder worldwide is depression. There are various treatments recommended and most of them include Hypnosis for Depression by Dr. Tsanpharmaceutical drugs. Moreover, this state of unhappiness does not appear alone and it is usually accompanied by other conditions like panic attacks, anxiety or phobias. Some say that it is best to combine depression therapy with hypnotherapy due to the fact that it will enhance the therapeutic effect and the healing process will go faster. It is well known that even a small anxiety attack can alter a person`s state of mind. Furthermore, it can cause severe disorientation and lack of energy resulting in the development of the state of depression. It was observed that in the majority of cases patients get accustomed to this feeling and accept it as a normal event in their lives. The first step towards the healing of this mental state is to accept the fact that this is not an event that the patient should feel guilty about. Due to our stressful way of life, it is rather normal to experience once in a while such type of episodes. The trick is to acknowledge its presence and to accept help. This is the point when hypnotherapy is sought as an aid in treatment because it has the power to diminish the symptoms of this psychological state of mind and to offer a soothing feeling of relaxation and complete rest.

Hypnotherapy for depression

Hypnosis for depression represents a process in which depressed patient is guided towards a state of relaxation. The goal is to reach a focused and aware state of mind that will help a patient in understanding his condition. The two types of hypnosis deal differently with a patient`s state of mind. The suggestion therapy is meant to treat behaviors like smoking or drinking. The analysis is the approach which is meant to relax in order to allow the exploration of the mind. This part of hypnotherapy works hand in hand with psychotherapy. It is an aiding tool that helps to spot and understand the trauma, the event that caused the appearance of the depression condition.

In a case of pathological unhappiness, hypnotherapy session starts with an initial 1.5 or even 2 hours procedure. This is important because the hypnotherapist in a case of depression needs to fully understand the patient`s state of mind in order to provide the best treatment possible. It is a session that puts a major accent on gathering information about symptoms and feelings. Moreover, this is all a pleasant process that will not make a patient feel uncomfortable. The purpose is to set up a connection with the subconscious mind, which allows an easier approach in future sessions.

The human mind is a vast mechanism that does not cease to surprise us. The subconscious is responsible for our memories and habits. This is the main reason why during hypnotherapy this part of our mind is thoroughly explored. When it comes to depression or anxiety, hypnotherapy deals with negative thoughts that cause a deep state of unhappiness. It guides the subconscious in order to obtain the proper means to reach a deep state of calmness and clarity. By reaching calmness, a patient is able to better understand the cause of his condition. Hence, this is the first step towards healing that will diminish the symptoms and will enhance the effects of the therapy itself.

Hypnotherapy for Depression – at Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic

Therefore, if you are experiencing feelings of intense nervousness, uneasiness or intense fear that are combined with physical symptoms of nausea or lack of energy, you should consider opting for hypnotherapy sessions.  At Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic, you will benefit from professional care due to the fact that each patient is treated individually. Moreover, Dr. Tsan has a vast experience in the field and many years of practice, which assures you once again that this is the place where you will benefit from the best that hypnotherapy has to offer for depression.

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