February 27, 2016

Hypnotherapy for Gambling Addiction

Hypnotherapy for Gambling Addiction is proven to be the most effective method of treatment. In this paragraph, we will discuss the nature of this addiction and the way of recovery. For every win there will be many losses, that’s one fact about gambling that pretty much everyone knows about, and yes, even those who have a problem with gambling addiction know very well about this fact. But sadly, knowing that Hypnotherapy for Gambling Addictionthere is way more chance of losing than winning is just not enough to stop those gambling addicts from putting their money on the table.

Usually, people who have gambling addiction just remember their winning moments. That feeling of excitement is just like a drug, it’s so intoxicating that an addict would do anything to experience that feeling again, no matter what it takes.

The more they lose, usually the more they feel “motivated” and desperate to taste that joy of winning, so they keep on gambling without any common sense. As the amount they lose gets bigger, they will bet more money to recoup their losses up to the point where either they will win big or lose everything. At that point, gambling dependence becomes a real problem that can ruin your life.

How to Cure Gambling Addiction

The first and most important (and also the hardest) step in cure gambling addiction is to make these gamblers realize they have a problem. This is often very difficult because just like in many other addiction cases, they are in denial.

Some people are lucky enough to recognize the problem they have and then seek necessary help to get rid of the addiction, but for many others, they often don’t see the problem until they actually have lost everything, not only their money but also their home, job and even family. Unfortunately, even after losing everything, some people still don’t want to seek help.

Support from family and close friends is vital in this matter. Giving a wake-up call to someone who has gambling addiction takes a lot of efforts, that’s why it’s very important to have extra patience when doing so. Leaving them sometimes can help to bring some senses to them, but totally ignoring them also won’t help, in fact, it will just make the problem got bigger.

Using Hypnotherapy for gambling addiction

You cannot rely on pills or potions to cure gambling addiction; the most common approach is usually by talking therapies. However, in recent years, Hypnotherapy for gambling is starting to gain popularity as one of the most effective and quickest methods.

During the Hypnotherapy session, a therapist will take the client to a state of total relaxation and enters the subconscious mind to inject positive suggestions that will reinforce positive behaviors, so the client can make long-term changes to his gambling habit and finally leave it for good. Hypnotherapy for gambling addiction is a method that has been proven to be effective in enforcing behavioral changes through the client’s subconscious mind. This ‘subconscious penetration’ will eventually help the client understand that his/her gambling habit is bad and can only bring misery in his/her life.

Just like in any other cases of addiction, getting rid of the craving is always the vital part of the recovery process. Hypnotherapy for gambling addiction can destroy this craving by stimulating positive and appropriate behavior. In addition to the subconscious suggestions, a therapist usually will also suggest a client to get a new, positive hobby or healthy activity like working out or simply go for a walk every time there is an urge to do the addictive behavior. So it’s basically replacing a negative action with the positive one.

A hypnotherapist can even teach a client to perform a self-hypnosis that can be used anytime necessary. This self-hypnosis could help a patient to get a sense of calmness as well as to get rid of that constant agitation that happens in every addiction case, including in gambling addiction.

How Hypnotherapy for gambling addiction Works

There are many reasons why people gamble, but usually, it starts when they make a bet for fun and after they experience winning for the first time – especially if they win big at first try – they will continue gambling while hoping to make easy money once again. In many other cases, a lot of gamblers are actually low-income earners that see gambling as their way to get out of debt or get enough money for retirement and buy things they need. Then there are also people who gamble as a way to cope with their negative emotions and bring excitement to their life.

Whatever the reason is, if these people are not careful with this “activity, they can develop a gambling dependence. Just like with any other behavior, when you repeat it for a long period of time, it can become a habit, and if this certain behavior has something that gives you some pleasure, then you will crave for it and won’t be able to stop easily.

The thing with repetitive behavior is that it affects your mind. Even though our brain is a very complicated instrument, actually it can be programmed quite easily, simply by repeating the certain behavior over and over for a long period of time and enjoy the pleasure out of it. By getting used to taking pleasure from gambling, you’re actually programming your mind to become dependent on gambling to feel content and happy.

So in order to break this addiction, you need to re-program your brain, and it can be done with the help of hypnotherapy. Hypnosis for gambling addiction is the way to communicate with the unconscious mind directly, thus re-programming your mind and behavior will be simpler using this method.

Giving suggestions to the subconscious mind is a lot more effective than to the conscious mind. Unlike conscious mind, the subconscious will not argue with a suggestion, it will simply follow the suggestion and make some changes to your behavior.

This “reprogramming” process will eventually help gambling addicts to regain their lives. They will no longer crave for experiencing pleasure from gambling and even will replace that habit with positive ones. Depends on the individual, it may take a lot of sessions before the client could be completely free from addiction, but most people usually just take a few sessions to get rid of this negative habit through Hypnotherapy for gambling addiction.

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