December 21, 2015

Phobia and fear

The etiology of phobias and fear.

Usually, phobias and fears are triggered by internal anxieties that are in connection with particular events that happened in our lives. Some of them are rational and can be understood because they actually have a purpose. In this category we can mention fear of heights, certain animals etc. Other phobias seem to have no exact purpose and the best example here is that of people who fear clowns or balloons. What most people do not know is the fact that the intensity of a phobia increases with each recurrence. Hence, if the phobia is not dealt with, its strength increases, which leads to a bigger discomfort. One of the best remedies is represented by the techniques which are used in hypnotherapy. So, let`s see what types of phobias and fears does hypnotherapy deal with.

  • The natural environment phobias refer to the fear of heights, darkness and a couple of natural phenomena like storms.
  • One of the most common phobias is that related to animals. People often experience fear of snakes, dogs, spiders and many more.
  • Blood phobias are linked to the fear of injuries, of blood or hospitals.
  • Another category is the one known as situational phobias. Here we can mention fear of flying, of driving or even fear of public speaking.

The pathophysiology and Symptoms of phobias and fears.

Anyway, it does not matter what type of phobia you suffer from. Phobias function in the same way regardless of their trigger. Moreover, this events that happen in someone`s life tend to be irrational. This happens because up until a specific point that person did not fear a certain item or event. So, the goal of a hypnotherapy session is that of understanding the event that caused the appearance of the fear and to help the patient in dealing with it.

One of the most popular symptoms of a phobia is that of an intense feeling of anxiety experienced by the patient when he is forced to face that particular situation or thing. Among the symptoms we can mention increased heart beats, dizziness, trouble breathing and even hot/ cold flashes. The amygdala is responsible for all these symptoms due to the fact that it sends a signal to the brain that creates a fight-or-flight reaction.

Hypnotherapy for treatment of phobias and fears.

Phobia and Fear

Hypnotherapy has two major ways in which helps the patient with this irrational fear. First of all, it helps you in breaking the association that is responsible for the recurrence of the fear. Secondly, it teaches you on how to release a relaxed response when needed. Hence, the patient will regain a sense of control that was lost due to the anxiety.

In other words, hypnotherapy aids in overcoming phobias by simply teaching your mind to respond differently to a specific trigger. Remember that the methods used by a hypnotherapist may differ from one individual to another. This is the first sign you have stumbled upon someone that will treat you professionally. This happens because everyone is different and reacts in a particular manner to all sorts of impediments.

At Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic you will benefit from the best services available on this field. The sessions will feature two main parts. One of them is linked to a desensitization hierarchy, while the other is meant to teach the patient self-relaxation methods. So, with professional aid and proper hypnotherapy methods adapted to your particular phobia, you will be able to overcome it. You are not compelled to live with your fear. You can start dealing with it by attending a couple of hypnosis sessions. It will aid you in regaining control over your life, which will make you feel free from all the constraints you have felt before.

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