October 4, 2017

Hypnosis for Stammering and Stuttering

Origin of stammering / Stuttering

Stammering is a speech disorder that can start at any age. The cause of stammering could be neurological or psychological and in some cases both. A medical check is needed to ascertain the cause of stuttering and not just by asking questions. A medical check will give a clue to know the origin of stammering. Furthermore, a speech therapist can be of help to some degree, but they are limited to dealing with issues at the conscious level. Stuttering can be deeply seated in the subconscious of an individual, and this is where Hypnotherapy proves to be the best solution.

Stammering can be seen in different degrees in an individual. The unique nature of each person who stammers differs as some stammers a few times; some have difficulty in pronouncing a particular word, and others show in the form of sound prolongation, body, and facial tension. This defect can affect people making them try to hide this weakness by avoiding talking, tensed when faced with a situation that warrants talking, avoiding the opportunity to socialize and worse cases lead to low self-esteem. The harder the struggle not to stammer leads to less control of speech and this makes matters worse for the individual.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help for Stammering / Stuttering

Hypnotherapy can help in addressing challenges related to stammering. Hypnotherapy does not proffer a cure to stammering. It addresses issues from the subconscious of the patients which will in turn help to manage and eventually overcome stammering.

Stammering and Stuttering

One of the first things Hypnotherapy does is to make a patient accept his condition by realizing that he or she is normal. By so doing, fear, anger, shame and low self-esteem developed over the years will ease off with time. Accepting one’s self is primary in overcoming stammering as it eases off the stress and anxiety that makes the person feel worse. Hypnotherapy works for both young and old. Let us consider a few techniques that are effective for stammering.

Techniques to Help Stammering / Stuttering

Here are a few effective hypnotic techniques that can help in ease and eliminate stuttering.

Mind Bending Language Hypnotherapy Technique

Mind-bending language helps in achieving a set goal and in this case, the goal is to take away excuses for the mind to stammer. This is done by engaging the person, shifting his attention from the present position and observe what happens after.

Regression Hypnotherapy Technique

This procedure is done when the subject is in a trance. The subject is taken back to when stammering started and made to relive the experience and the difficulty involved. When this is done, the subject is given the opportunity to express things that were suppressed then that might have triggered and worsened stammering.

Visualization Hypnotherapy Technique

Visualization can be useful to help to stammer by creating mental imaging that helps in overcoming stammering. A kind of mind adventure is created depicting the healing of vocal cord, and these fantasies can be realities that will address and heal stuttering.

The Dreaming Arm Hypnotherapy Technique

Dreaming arm is a technique that helps in making particular breakthrough settle into the subconscious. This is attached to times the subject stammered in the past making the problem to be solved in the present.

Hypnotic Triggers Technique

During the session where questions are being asked, a situation that makes a sufferer to stammer is noted, and this could be used for hypnotic triggers. Triggers for both stammering and not stammering are created in other to make one to overcome the other.

Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Technique

The use of post-hypnotic suggestion is to reinforce every session. It depicts that the arm levitation is the rehearsal and free speaking of the unconscious mind. The person is later left with the possibility of a post-hypnotic suggestion.

For instance, during a stressful day, the unconscious mind when sleeping at night can take one of the dream sequences by lifting the arm up and put it down for dream healing and to maintain the strength of the change effected.

Instead of a relapse, healing is inoculated while sleeping by running the session over and over again. There is a need to carry the patient’s partner along before undergoing this procedure. Failure to do so can be embarrassing for the partner who might find his/her partners hand floating in the air at night. Having a pre-knowledge of this will save such shock.

Hypnosis for Stammering / Stuttering in Philadelphia

At the Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic, Medical Director Victor Tsan, MD and associates successfully treat different forms of speech disorders including stuttering. The best treatment effect is from using the combination of hypnosis, acupuncture and homeopathic remedies. All these methods available in our clinic. All holistic techniques under one roof.

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