December 10, 2015

Hypnosis for Weight Loss in Philadelphia

Hypnosis for weight loss becomes more and more popular nowadays in weight control clinics due to its natural approach, the absence of side effects and high effectiveness. Perhaps the most common New Year’s resolution, not surprisingly, is to lose those extra pounds that may have dogged you for some time – even before the holidays rolled around. And this is for good reason, as about 40% of US adults are overweight, and another 30% are obese (defined as having a body mass index of 30 or greater).

Doctor Tsan and the patient that starts hypnosis for weight lossMost people know that eating healthier and exercising regularly can facilitate weight loss and that remaining overweight comes at significant costs to health and self-esteem. Yet, only about 20% of overweight individuals are successful at maintaining weight loss long-term.

The many ways and methods advertised for a seemingly ‘magical’ weight loss have only added to the abundance of confusion and misunderstanding about weight and hunger management. The many pills, supplements, diets, workout plans and wonder-drugs have only added to the confusion about what to eat, how much to eat, and how to use physical activity. Most individuals struggling with weight issues are drowning in information and starved for wisdom and results.

Face it; it is confusing if you are looking on the ‘outside’ for the one correct method. But if you are willing to approach weight loss and hunger management from the ‘inside’ using your mind-body to clear and light the way, you may be surprised at the results you can achieve safely and simply.

The food we have available today is not the food our grandparents and their parents grew and ate. We now eat foods that came from commercial agriculture industrial production thousands of miles away, and fewer nutrients than ever.

Clinical Hypnosis for weight loss can help you remove the barriers to enjoying your perfect weight, naturally and simply.

So, how does clinical hypnosis for weight loss and clinical hypnotherapy help you to lose weight? Here are a few of the ways hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you access to your mind-body connection to boost your desire to enjoy the self-discipline and changes you apply to lose weight:

  • Creating the mental and physical relaxation that neutralizes the way stress affects your eating behavior and metabolism.
  • Creating changes in food choices, food and taste preferences, and portion sizes.
  • Subconsciously intensifying your awareness of a satisfying fullness from nutrient-dense food.
  • Putting your subconscious to work uncovering and revealing the emotional and behavioral factors that have put the weight on you and have sabotaged your efforts to remove it.
  • Rehearsing simple ways to mentally control, lessen, and remove cravings for the wrong food choices and enhancing a safe craving for foods that will give your body what it needs to be healthy and to feel full without the weight gain.
  • Changing patterns of behavior that are now operating without your conscious awareness into mind full and compassionate ways to nourish your body, your emotions, and a body you love.
  • Creating a love affair with food that is slimming you while nourishing your vitality and health.
  • Changing your palate to enjoy new flavors and textures, and ridding yourself of the commercial chemicals and additives that actually keep you eating and hungry when it is actually undermining your wellness.

Why hypnosis for weight loss is the most appropriate and demanded method?

Our bodies produce hormones that tell our brain when we have consumed enough nourishment. And our bodies also create hormones that tell us when and what we need to eat to obtain the nourishment your body needs. If you are eating non-foods, now called “edible food-like substances”, your body receives a false message. If you use so-called diet beverages and industrial-produced artificial sweeteners, you are being fooled. Research has shown that drinkers of diet beverages actually gain weight. And restrictive eating and dieting just do not work.

Overall, our methods of using hypnosis for weight loss are based on a simple, compassionate, sensible and natural ways to create a life-long pattern of physical activity (living) that will support your health, pleasure from eating, and achieve your perfect weight. You know what you have to lose… and it is time to lose it and gain back your health, body image, and healthy love affair with food.

Hypnosis for weight loss in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic is a world-recognized facility for the elite approach to weight control. Since Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic is a division of Viva Healthy Life Center for Holistic Medicine Doctor Tsan and his associates believe in natural tactics and refuse to prescribe any pharmaceutical drugs or even dietary supplements effectiveness of which still very questionable. The only prescriptions Doctor Tsan uses in his practice are homeopathic micro dosage remedies and only in case if he believes that the overweight is related to some internal medical issues that stimulate appetite and decrease metabolism. In all other cases, Doctor Tsan uses a combination of clinical hypnosis for weight loss along with ear acupuncture with long-lasting implanted gold microneedles. The hypnosis for obesity does the most important part of treatment by changing the pattern of patients’ subconscious mind forcing them to eat less and feel comfortable at the same time.

One of the most advanced techniques of hypnotherapy for overweight is developed by Doctor Tsan procedure known as Stomach Mind Band. As the result of this hypnosis for weight loss technique, a patient has a very realistic feeling of the stomach ring (bariatric surgery). This ring over the stomach divides it into two parts like a sand clock and as soon as the upper part of the stomach is filled with food a patient starts to experience fullness like after x-large size meal.

Usually, after this hypnosis for weight loss procedure eat not more than 5 pieces of pasta, or 1-2 shrimps, or 1 tomato in one meal. This amount of food is enough for them to feel completely full and satisfied.

To make an appointment for the initial FREE consultation and to ask Doctor Tsan if hypnosis for weight loss is a good treatment choice for you call our clinic (267) 403-3085 or use our on-line scheduling system.

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