April 5, 2017

Disulfiram Implant Esperal

Esperal Implant for Alcoholism

     Esperal implant aka disulfiram-based implant recently became the #1 method of treatment in an alcohol addiction clinic. Disulfiram is the drug that was discovered in the 1920s and has been used since 1951 to cure chronic alcoholism due to the ability of the drug to increase the immune system’s sensitivity to alcohol. Disulfiram is the drug that prevents the release of body enzyme that metabolizes alcohol. The inhibition of this enzyme causes a severe problem, discomfort, and in some rare cases even health hazards to humans. This discomfort and an unpleasant physical reaction are caused by a substance known as acetaldehyde that builds up in the body due to alcohol consumption which was not broken down or metabolized by the relevant enzyme dehydrogenase in a liver.

Esperal Implant Satellite

     Disulfiram’s brand name is Antabuse. Disulfiram and Antabuse have been found to be very effective in causing a severe brutal reaction if an individual takes it with alcohol, but many argued that it is not safe to be called a cure for alcoholism. The reaction of this drug is spontaneous and efficient because even a single bottle of beer or a cup of wine or a shot of hard liquor is enough to initiate so-called Disulfiram-Ethanol Reaction (DER), which is accompanied by the cruelest symptoms: seizures, Racing heart, heartbeat, nausea, vomiting, low blood pressure, dizziness, tinnitus, severe body aches, fear of death, flushing of the skin, syncope, mental confusion, visual disturbance, etc. It should be noted that whenever the drug is taken, it stays in the body for up to two weeks and cause these effects when alcohol is taken within the time frame. The “unpleasant” reactions caused by Antabuse / Disulfiram are however not the same for everyone and they vary, depending on gender, body weight, physical status, medical history, some genetic conditions, etc. In this article, I will discuss in detail, how to take Antabuse and the side effects of this medicine.

Disulphiram based Esperal Implant

The newest and most effective form of Disulfiram implant created by the French corporation ESPERAL. The device is a thin film microchip that contains a dispenser with 5 crystals of dry 100% concentrated Disulfiram. The bio-circuit ESPERAL analyses patients’ bloodstream for alcohol level every 15 minutes and only if this level goes above 0.09 it drops one crystal of Disulfiram into the nearby capillaries. The Disulfiram-Ethanol reaction starts in approximately 35-50 seconds and this reaction can’t be described as discomfort. It is an absolutely brutal response of the immune system. Once Disulfiram-Ethanol Reaction starts, it can’t be stopped and the 911 team appears absolutely helpless. Depending on bodyweight it lasts between 5-8 hours and stops only when the crystal of Disulfiram completely expired.

Esperal Implant Ampule

The method of Esperal implantation has a short history and initially had been developed by the French corporation ESPERAL in partnership with German needleless injectors manufacturer Ejex and iKare Corporation responsible for the telecommunication between microchips and cloud server.

Only Esperal certified medical providers are allowed to implant this bio-circuit. Esperal Co keeps under control of each inserted microcircuit unit. Certified Esperal providers must provide patients with the access to myesperal.com website on which they can see their alcohol blood level and microchip status.

Certificate Certification

There are a few Esperal certified medical providers in the USA. Philadelphia Addiction Center is one of the most popular Esperal clinics in the country. For the reasonable price of $1500 patients receive acupuncture treatment for complete system detoxification, hypnotic session for stimulation and development of self-confidence and desire, and implantation procedure during the 4 hours of an office visit.

Disulfiram based Esperal Implant

The newest and most effective form of Disulfiram is Esperal Implant developed by the French corporation Esperal in partnership with German needleless syringe company Ejex and care Philadelphia addiction center - disulfiram based implant ESPERALCorporation. In reality, Esperal is a microchip, connected to a small dosator, that contains 5 microcrystals of Disulfiram. The microchip tests blood for alcohol level. If the alcohol level is within normal limits nothing happens. If, however, the concentration of alcohol raises above 0.099, Esperal drops 1 crystal of pure Disulfiram from the container, and the DER starts. Esperal Implant lasts for up to five years and after that gets calcified by the surrounding tissues and becomes inactive.

In the USA this microchip can be implanted by the internationally recognized specialist in narcology and holistic medicine, medical director of the Philadelphia Addiction CenterVictor Tsan, MD

     In conclusion, you can be sure of the effectiveness of Antabuse as a drug meant to stop alcoholism. It works well and if taken based on the doctor’s description, it portends no danger for patients as long as administered by experienced professionals. Living life as an alcoholic is dangerous as it can cause chronic illnesses and death.

Esperal treatment for alcoholism.

Our body has a specific reaction to alcohol.  It transforms it into a substance known as acetaldehydes, which in high levels acts as a toxin. The liver is the one responsible for dealing with these toxins and this is the main reason why alcoholism is linked to several liver diseases. Esperal is the one that prevents the liver from breaking down the toxins and leads to various physical symptoms. Hence, the patient experiences shortness of breath, palpitations, or even nausea.

The development team

Those are meant to determine the patient to quit drinking. Keep in mind that these symptoms are dreadful and can last for a couple of hours. Hence, this is the main reason why the patients that take Esperal end up choosing sobriety. Moreover, if the patient continues drinking while still taking this medication it can cause severe side effects. Everything that has alcohol in it must be avoided in order for the treatment to be successful.

Esperal Implant 

The Esperal implants first appeared in Europe. The clinical trials show their effectiveness and prove their ability to help a patient in reaching long-term sobriety. The Esperal implant is more useful than the pills due to the fact that it has a higher impact on both the brain and body. Also, when it comes to Esperal-implant for alcoholismpills, a patient may have a chance of not taking them. This means the Esperal implant is the best option for dealing properly with alcoholism.

Fake and Real Esperal.

If you find a commercial for Esperal with a picture like this one – it is a counterfeit. Regrettably, at present many healing clinics in Eastern Europe promoting a phony version of this medical device, as well as Esperal pills and invasive embedding techniques. Turn out to be an expert patient and don’t get tricked by staves.

Stare at this picture and cogitate the following:

  1. The label stays: “Made in USA.” This is not true. There is no facility in the USA that manufactures Esperal. The main factory and headquarter located in Lion France, and sometimes they use new plants in Switzerland.
  2. The label stays: “Without prescription.” Wrong!!! Even with a prescription, only Esperal certified practitioners can get the Esperal device. It’s sold to narcologists only.
  3. The label stays: “Distributed by Healthwise Medical, LTD.” There is no distribution company with this name in the USA.
  4. And finally, the label displays the factory address: “Farmington CN 003458.” But the problem is that there is no state in the USA with the abbreviation CN and zip codes in the USA are five digits only.

Be couscous and make the right decision before you chose the right provider for your therapy.

How Esperal for alcoholism works?

So, how does this implant work? The answer is quite simple. It is inserted into the patient`s gluteus or brachial muscles, where it releases a dose of the drug during an entire life of the implant (up to 5 years).

Disulfiram taken in the form of pills or inserted in the form of implants usually causes a strong nasty body response to alcohol. The following group of pharmaceutical agents contains Disulfiram and widely used for alcoholism treatment: Antabuse, Esperal, Tetidis.

Esperal for alcholism

The individual that takes 500 mg of Disulfiram in the morning feels the following symptoms after a few sips of alcoholic drink throughout the day:

  1. Irritated, Inflamed face and neck.
  2. Red spots all over the arms, legs, and trunk.
  3. Unsettled stomach.
  4. Shortness of breath.
  5. Migraine-like headache.
  6. Unsteadiness, vertigo, faintness.
  7. High blood pressure swapped with low blood pressure.
  8. Tachycardia and arrhythmia.
  9. Fear of death.

Consumption of alcohol develops severe sickness and turns out to be intolerable. The downside of the prescription of pill-blockers for a daily intake is that this treatment may face a situation when an alcoholic intentionally skips a daily dosage of pills due to a craving for alcohol. For that reason, a more consistent medical strategy is interventional Disulfiram implantation. The best-known implant on the market is Esperal, which is available everywhere in Europe and finally coming to the USA.

Implantationtation Procedure.

The anti-alcohol device, better known in the USA as pellets contains a microchip and a reservoir with a highly concentrated Disulfiram. The microchip controls the level of alcohol in blood every 30 seconds and when this level becomes “high” a shot of disulfiram accompanied with supporting ingredients being infused into the patient’s bloodstream.

Esperal Implantation

The Implantation procedure of Esperal is simple and practically painless. Using a special device similar to a needless syringe, the microchip is inserted into the tissues of the arm or hip with the help of a powerful air pressure injector. Implantation does not require even local anesthesia since it is painless and lasts for a fragment of a second. The post-surgical “scar” after this procedure will disappear in about 10-15 minutes. After the insertion, patients don’t feel the device and it does not bother them in any way. Depending on the size of the reservoir this device may last and flawlessly work from 6 months to 5 years. Upon running out of the Esperal, it dissolves (melts) in the tissues, and there are no protocols for removing the expired implant. Esperal therapy delivers exceptional outcomes because the consumption of alcohol practically intolerable while the Esperal functioning.
The person in the film published below is Dr. Tsan’s patient who undergone the full course of treatment for alcohol addiction including implantation of Esperal. After a few months of being clear-headed and having no urges for alcohol consumption, he decided to perform an experiment and test if the chip really works. This was only one case in our clinic when the Esperal executed starting the Disulfiram Ethanol Reaction (DER). Our patient officially gave us the approval to post this footage on the website.

Esperal Implant in Philadelphia PA

So, if you want to benefit from the amazing effects of an Esperal implant, you can find it at Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic. Dr. Tsan will offer you professional services that will help you in dealing with your condition. It is the most innovative way to fight alcoholism. Moreover, it is proved to boost the effectiveness of alcoholism treatment.

To make an appointment for an initial free consultation and to discuss with Dr. Tsan your best options contact our clinic (267) 403-3085 or visit our on-line secure scheduling system.