Fear of flying

How to get over the fear of flying

How to get over the fear of flying is a common question in today’s world. Fear of flying can be interpreted as a phobia of heights. They are different, but the same thing most likely triggers them.

How to overcome the fear of flying

Most people cannot look down from a cliff, let alone fly. Some have elevator phobia. Don’t worry; you are not alone in this. The good news is that you can manage any phobia if you identify the source of it.

In this case, hypnosis for fear of flying is based on seeding. The worst thing with this kind of fear is that you cannot help yourself, even knowing there is no risk with flying.


This is the secret to hypnosis: how to get over the fear of flying. Fear of flying Hypnosis is about establishing a regular pattern where you can control your mind and breath.

What is fear?

Fear is a natural adaptation of the body to certain stimuli. It can be out of personal experience or from witnessing a scary incident with someone else. We might not identify a fear instantly, but the experience is stored deep in memory and can be triggered after several years. The main reason why it is difficult to explain the fear of flying is because of an effect that occurred several years ago. The only way to stop this and live phobia-free is to go back to memory when the incidents happened and deal with the frightening moment.

What is causes fear

What is fear of flying, and how can you overcome it?

Fear of flying is not a rare condition. In our clinic, we see patients with this disorder almost every week. Bear in mind that if you have a fear of flying or being on an aircraft, you have a clinical condition that falls under the umbrella of “anxiety disorders.”Hypnosis for fear of flyingIt comes in different shapes and sizes but commonly holds the following characteristics, adapted from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

Check these out:

  1. Excessive, persistent fear of a given object, situation, or thing. (Example: Fear of flying)
  2. Exposure to the object, situation, or thing brings excessive fear and, in some cases, panic.
  3. A recognition that the fear is irrational and excessive
  4. Avoidant behaviors related to the feared experience (avoiding flying airplanes or helicopters)
  5. Fearful behaviors are not part of another mental health issue (examples: OCD, PTSD)

People with an extreme fear of flying are considered to have a situational type of fear, which makes perfect sense when considering that the situation involves “taking flight.”

Hypnosis for fear of flying

The answer to how to get over the fear of flying is hypnosis. There is a good chance you are hoping that you can visit a hypnotist and have your fear of flying magically go away by undergoing a clinical hypnosis session. If only this were the case. Sadly, this misbelief is part of a larger collection of hypnosis myths (be sure to read our common hypnosis myths here).

The good news, however, is that for some people, hypnotherapy as part of anxiety counseling may yield positive results, according to some published research. Remember, hypnosis is not “therapy” itself but instead an adjunct to therapy as offered by a licensed psychotherapist. We have licensed acupuncturists, herbalists, and homeopaths at the Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic to make a treatment approach more effective.

How to get over the fear of flying with fear of flying hypnosis

Fear of flying Hypnosis is not magic. It is about going to a seeding event and working on dealing with fear. Fear is part of an experience that is stored in memory with emotions. The incident is often attached to an emotion. You must return to the event and “correct” the effect to deal with the emotion.

How hypnosis works

Therefore, the trick to addressing the fear of flying is hypnosis. While a psychiatrist can help you go back to memory, you need to do it yourself because when and how it occurred, when you run the memory several years back, you will feel when you first felt the fear. Typically, people feel vulnerable when they access memory and control the body; insecurity is the major barrier to dealing with phobias and all kinds of fears.

The time taken to access your long-term memory depends on your concentration level.

How to focus and overcome fear of flying

Hypnosis for fear of flying is about focusing the mind. Concentration is fundamental in hypnotherapy, so you must find a quiet place. There is no standard place for hypnosis, a form of meditation. We all have different concentration levels; some people find city buses quiet enough to focus on breathing patterns. If you are easily distracted, leave town or find a quiet neighborhood.

Get rid of flying phobia

Also, some people find it best to lie down, while others can focus their brains while standing or sitting. Find out your most suitable position and place to practice hypnosis for fear of flying. It is an imaginative process; remember, it is returning to your past life to identify the source of fear.

The best way to visualize your memory is through a screen. Imagine your life rolling back on a slide show on a theater screen. Of course, you begin with the most recent events, going backward. Focusing at first won’t be easy, and you must commit to avoiding distractions. Concentration is not as easy as it sounds; it is not listening to a lecture. It is about deepening the nerves and brain functions to harmonize with the breathing pattern.

Fear of flying Hypnosis works only if it is performed by a medical provider trained in hypnosis. Don’t get confused, and compare medical hypnosis and stage hypnosis. Anyone can do stage hypnosis after a short training. However, only medical professionals, such as physicians or psychologists trained in hypnotherapy, can show you how to overcome a fear of flying, as long as you are willing and committed to the process. The best way to start is to accept that phobias are part of your life, but they are not normal. You can live a free life of adventure without irrational fears. Once you accept that you have a challenge, you can begin the hypnosis process.

A story from a patient who underwent treatment with hypnosis for fear of flying.

  • So, my first time on hypnosis for fear of flying was frustrating. Luckily, I had a supportive friend; otherwise, I wouldn’t have given it a second try. Focusing on breathing patterns the first time is difficult; a quiet place can easily sway your mind to fantasy. I must have dozed off for several minutes. You can imagine the disappointment of waking up while trying to focus your brain. As I mentioned, hypnosis for fear of flying takes persistence. I had it the second and third times and became an expert in addressing any mental issue. After six hypnosis sessions, I am completely calm during flights for fear of flying.
  • Be open to challenges. I almost gave up the first time I tried hypnotherapy. I also had a flying phobia, but I was committed to sorting it out in the few days possible. I realized I was missing lots of adventures because of an irrational phobia. As with any fear, you do not know you are in a fix until you meet with people who are free from your cage. It is easier to identify the flying phobia when someone helps analyze your life. Some people have a phobia but have no clue because they have never been to such heights or tried flying. I feel good now during flights, and my life has changed.

Hypnosis for Fear of Flying: How Does It Work?

If you are seeking hypnosis for fear of flying, you probably are 

Does hypnosis for fear of flying works

wondering how the process works.

Each hypnotherapist is different, but generally speaking, a set of universal activities occurs as part of the dynamic.

These include:

  • An initial appointment to discuss your fear of flying includes an assessment of your personal health history (medical, mental, etc.).
  • A potential referral to your physician to rule out medical causes for anxiety, such as a physical condition or medications that may be causing you to experience fear, stress, and worry.
  • A determination of whether hypnosis for fear of flying as part of psychotherapy is appropriate for you.
  • Cognitive rehearsals through guided imagery are a mainstay of hypnotherapy.
  • An assessment of how your anxiety has been reduced through therapy using Subjective Units of Distress (SUDS).

The key feature of hypnosis for fear of flying is creative visualization and guided imagery, whereby the clinical hypnotist (hypnotherapist) mentally guides you through various flying scenarios. In this way, you become aware of your fear but not necessarily “afraid.”. Calm distance is created between the various things that amp up your fear when flying, such as:

  • Sudden, unexpected noises
  • Turbulence
  • Changes in cabin pressure
  • Flight deck announcements
  • Common, aircraft-specific aircraft noises

Hypnosis for fear of flying works in the same way as yoga. Take time to calm your mind and body, then be conscious of your breathing. Allow yourself to explore the secretive experiences that you might find embarrassing; don’t worry, nobody is watching the “screen” with you. 

Fear of flying frequently concerns subconscious issues of control or hidden childhood memories that you may not even be aware of. After all, if the fear were based on the likelihood of you being in an accident, you would be 29 times more afraid of driving (to be statistically accurate). Using clinical hypnotherapy to uncover the hidden subconscious reasons for your fear, along with a few other powerful techniques, allows hypnotherapists to quickly eliminate your fear of flying with our hypnosis program. If you fear flying, want to use hypnosis, live in Philadelphia, and enjoy your time on airplanes, call us today and take advantage of our experience and expertise in quickly eliminating fears and phobias.

Overcome fear of Flying with Hypnosis for fear of flying in Philadelphia

If you are living in Philadelphia, PA, or the nearest suburbs, you can Google “How to Get Over the Fear of Flying,” “Hypnotist Near Me,” or “Hypnotic Clinic Near Me” and see the list of practitioners and clinics that perform this complicated neuro-linguistic programming treatment.

When looking for hypnosis for fear of flying, you must find the best hypnotist and the best hypnosis center. Don’t forget that a good hypnotherapist is a medical doctor who understands the mechanisms of medical conditions and knows how to apply the hypnosis technique.

If you or someone you know suffers from a flying phobia and would like to learn how to overcome a fear of flying, you are in the right place.

Victor Tsan, MD - Hypnotherapist, Homeopathy, Acupuncturist, Reiki MasterThe Medical Director of the Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic, Dr.Tsan, and his associates successfully treat this condition using the techniques of hypnosis for fear of flying, along with acupuncture and homeopathic medicines. The effectiveness of the treatment is above 90%. The combination of different alternative techniques makes the treatment efficient and pleasant.

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