Price List

Clinical Hypnosis
I control your subconscious mindThe price per treatment is $230. The course of treatment consists of 6-7 procedures.
PsychoanalysisPrice per unit $170. Suggested 4-5 units once a week. All treatments performed by Dr. Tsan
NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming
NLP PractitionerNeuro-LinguisProcedure price $230. 

The typical duration of treatment is 60-90 minutes.

Eye Movement Integration
Eye movement intergrationAn average session lasts 60-90 minutes Eye Movement Integration (EMI) therapy

The price per treatment is $190.

Reiki Energy Healing
Victor Tsan, MD - Hypnotherapist, Homeopathy, Acupuncturist, Reiki MasterThe price per healing session is $100. Procedure’s length is 25-30 minutes
Stomach Mind Band
Stomach Mind BandA stomach mind band is an arrangement of Hypnotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Homeopathic or Herbal treatment. The regular price of treatment is $1500, paid at the end of each treatment session. The cost of homeopathic remedies is not included.
Quit Smoking
Stop SmokingSmoking Cessation treatment may vary in length from 1 session to 6 or 7, depending on the smoker’s medical condition, the concentration of nicotine in the smoker’s system, and some other factors. The cost of One Shot Treatment is $375. In many cases, however, heavy smokers need more than one session, and the price will be higher. The initial consultation in our office is always free, and during this visit, Dr. Tsan will discuss your options and fee with you.
Alcohol Addiction Treatment
Alcohol AddictionTypically 6-7 hypnotherapy treatments in combination with 10 Acupuncture treatments are recommended for this treatment.