Psychology and Counseling at the Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic

Psychologist Alex Zolotov

A psychologist is a licensed mental health expert who teaches Alex Zolotov Ph.D.people how to manage their mental health issues healthily. They can support people going through difficult times, such as grieving the loss of a loved one, or those coping with specific conditions like depression or anxiety. To be qualified to offer various mental health services, they must complete years of school and training. My name is Alex Zolotov, and I am a psychotherapist with a high educational background in the USA. I have several published books and articles. But major thing is – I am practicing professional psychology with about 40 years of experience. My constant learning and experimenting with new approaches allow me to develop methods and techniques that work in real life.

My Counseling Style

I strive to help my clients access their unique strengths and resources, which can become obscured in times of prolonged stress or during an acute challenge.

My clients often state that they appreciate my interactive style and use of questioning, exploration, reflection, humanity, and humor.

I may be practical around specific life challenges. I also may be more direct and structured when working with my clients to address behaviors or choices that may be harmful, such as substance use. As a professional psychologist, I also provide psychoeducation for my clients.

My Counseling Approach

I strongly believe that each individual has enough internal resources for recovery, developing, and being in good shape. We want to know how to engage, effectively use and maintain such resources and support our internal power in problematic or demanding situations.

I am using system modeling approaches that consider the individual a body, mind, and energy wholeness. Accordingly, I have selected, adapted, and developed numerous techniques and methods proven over time and demonstrated quick and reliable results and effectiveness. I explicitly concentrate on rapid, sometimes instantaneous challenging, deep restructuring, and transformational methods.

As a psychologist, I’m honoring my clients’ conscious thoughts, perspectives, and ideas about their presenting issues or challenges and also explore and facilitate energy, feelings, and body sensations that are less conscious, confusing, and often painful but may be clues to these problems and help to resolve them.

Psychologist – Alex Zolotov, Ph.D. at the Philadelphia Holistic Clinic

Recently psychologistAlex Zolotov, Ph.D.– joined the Philadelphia Holistic Clinic team performing therapy for individuals and couples. To book your appointment with this practitioner, contact our clinic at (267) 403-3085 or use our online scheduling system.

Also, if your healthcare insurance covers therapy, we will honor it.