Hypnosis Philadelphia By Dr. Tsan / Antabuse Implant For Alcohol Addiction

Hypnosis Philadelphia – this is the search criteria that pops-up Philadelphia Hypnosis Clinic on Google search. “And when I snap my fingers you will fall asleep, Sleep!” you are most likely to hear this during a hypnosis session. Hypnosis has many uses ranging from entertainment purposes to therapeutic purposes. In the context of therapy, hypnosis is usually called hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is used in a wide range of issues from pain, to mental issues like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, dyslexia, etc., to social issues like low self-esteem and substance abuse like alcohol addiction. When combined with other methods hypnotherapy, is very useful for treating alcohol addiction. At the Philadelphia hypnotherapy center, we combine hypnotherapy with other holistic therapies in the treatment of alcohol addiction. We will talk a bit on hypnosis as practiced in Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic and the use of Esperal implants in the treatment of alcohol addiction.

Hypnosis Philadelphia:

Hypnotherapy involves using hypnosis to alter the state of a person’s consciousness so that the subconscious is more active than the conscious mind. In this state, the mind is open to a lot of possibilities and suggestions can be made to the mind to bring about some great therapeutic effects. Some of these include things like stopping alcohol addiction, overcoming the fear of certain things like public speaking, open space or phobia in general, and reduction of pain due to diseases or during medical procedures like surgery. If we are to look at the components of alcohol addiction. One of them is euphoria after taking alcohol, which causes an increased desire to take more alcohol. This temporal happiness caused by alcohol is influenced by both mental and physical factors. Hypnosis helps you deal with those mental factors. Hypnosis has been used to deal with alcohol addiction for quite a long time.

Hypnosis Philadelphia by Dr. Tsan

According to a review by Greg Potter in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis titled: “Intensive therapy: Utilizing hypnosis in the treatment of substance abuse disorders”, hypnosis has been used successfully during the 19th century to treat alcohol abuse with a large amount of success. However, by 1910 it started to fall out of favor not because it was not effective, but it was increasingly used by entertainers and physicians probably felt that would affect the way other people perceived it. However, in recent times, we are beginning to notice the effectiveness of hypnosis in treating alcohol addiction more and more. At the Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic, trained hypnotists use a wider range of techniques in hypnosis including direct suggestion, anchors, metaphors (as seen in Ericksonian hypnosis), re-frames, affect therapy and a host of other methods of hypnosis which help you get over your addictions.

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At the Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic, we also use the Antabuse implant to deal with the physical aspect of alcohol addiction.

Esperal implants in dealing with alcohol addiction:

The Philadelphia Hypnotherapy clinic, the division of the internationally recognized Philadelphia Holistic Clinic has a strong collaboration with the Philadelphia Addiction Clinic in dealing with cases of alcohol. Hypnotherapy is used to keep you sober for three or more weeks so you can flush out most of the alcohol in your system. After that, you have the option of using Esperal implants which will help you reduce the cravings for alcohol physically in addition to your hypnotherapy. Esperal implants are a brand of the implant which contains disulfiram as the major active drug. You do not want to take alcohol into your system if you have an Esperal implant in your body because the implant will punish you for that. This punishment is called the disulfiram-ethanol reaction which is a quite nasty and uncomfortable experience. This makes you lose interest in alcohol because with Esperal implants it literately makes you sick.

At the Philadelphia hypnotherapy clinic, we do not use Esperal implants until you have had a complete alcohol detox for at least 12 days because Esperal and ethanol don’t mix. You will have to get the residual amount of alcohol out of your blood and it will take about two weeks for your alcohol levels to drop to safer levels. We do not want you to get a taste of the “wrath of Esperal implants” as long as you are not drinking. The combination of Esperal implants with hypnotherapy will give you a holistic treatment on all aspects of alcohol addiction including, dependence, tolerance, physical and emotion aspects of addiction. You can check out the Philadelphia hypnotic clinic for more information and a full list of our services.


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