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According to a novel awareness theory, choices are first made subconsciously and only become conscious after around a half-second.

Conscious. Conscious is everything that you are experiencing. Conscious is the song that keeps playing in your head, the sweetness of chocolate mousse, the agonizing pain of a toothache, the passionate love you have for your child, and the painful realization that these emotions eventually pass. From the earliest ages of antiquity till the present, Read more about According to a novel awareness theory, choices are first made subconsciously and only become conscious after around a half-second.[…]

Life with Dependent Personality Disorder

Dependent Personality Disorder Dependent Personality Disorder is a psychiatric medical condition that requires attention. Dependent Personality Disorder may affect your personal life, professional career, and family ties. Relationships of all kinds can be ruined by dependent personality disorder (DPD). Despite estimates showing that fewer than 1% of adults have this disease, it still causes misery Read more about Life with Dependent Personality Disorder[…]

Natural Treatment for OCD

Using Hypnosis for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is characterized by frequent, unwelcome, or irrational thoughts or feelings (obsessions) or by a persistent urge to do an action (compulsions). Common compulsions include the need to preserve things in a specific order, whereas common obsessions include the dread of germs. An OCD sufferer will typically grow concerned if a Read more about Using Hypnosis for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder[…]


How To Know If Therapy Is Actually Working, According To Mental Health Experts

Therapy is an effective method of treatment for psychological disorders. Therapy is a fantastic resource for recovery and personal growth. It’s normal to feel nervous and unsure when you first start treatment because you’re effectively traversing uncharted territory. When you first begin treatment, one of the most fundamental questions is how to tell if it’s Read more about How To Know If Therapy Is Actually Working, According To Mental Health Experts[…]

Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Does hypnosis work? Does hypnosis work is a very common question and as a hypnotherapist, the question of how Does hypnosis work still interests me on a daily basis as I try to understand precisely what it is that creates changes in people’s subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy operates in several means and there are lots of Read more about How Does Hypnosis Work?[…]

Exercise Resistance

Do You Suffer from Exercise Resistance?

Exercise Resistance Exercise Resistance is a newly described medical condition when for whatever reason a person can’t force himself to perform even minimal recommended daily exercises. You know you must exercise. You know it’s good for you. You know you must like it and want to do it. But you… Does not appear… For… Be… Read more about Do You Suffer from Exercise Resistance?[…]

Clinical Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy

Hypnotic therapy Hypnotic therapy is a treatment approach that uses the power of clinical hypnosis in order to make positive changes in a patient’s subconscious mind to easier coop with different conditions and environmental surroundings. What are the indications for and benefits of hypnotic therapy?   The hypnotic state makes a patient more exposed to Read more about Clinical Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy[…]

Stress Management Hypnosis

Stress management Hypnosis is one of the most effective medical procedures. If we define the term Hypnosis stress relief, then it is the form of relaxation therapy for the people who are affected by the stress. In simple, it would not be wrong, calling it out as the natural therapeutic process that is merely releasing upon Read more about Stress Management Hypnosis[…]

All about Clinical Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming are more than just a comedy show. You’ve perhaps either be present at or got some information about a stage show hypnosis for the duration of which apparently “ordinary” persons perform absolutely unreasonable and bizarre things in front of an audience of unfamiliar persons. And similar to most people, you’re probably distrustful of Read more about All about Clinical Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming[…]

Fear of Public Speaking

Hypnosis for fear of public speaking is one of the most effective treatments. If you are afraid of speaking in public, do not worry. You are not alone. In fact, some reports say that about 40% of people are experiencing fear of speaking in public. Here’s a fun fact, a study done in 1973 once Read more about Fear of Public Speaking[…]

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