February 15, 2016

Hypnotherapy for Drug Addiction

Popularity of Hypnotherapy for Drug Addiction

Hypnotherapy for drug addiction is quickly becoming a new technique used by hypnotherapists and psychologists to help patients recover from addictive behaviors and improve their lives.

hypnotherapy for drug addiction Breaking bad habits is hard to do, but breaking free from drug addiction is exponentially harder. Whether it’s popping pills or falling prey to illegal drugs, drug dependency is no joke. People sometimes develop addictions to prescription pain medications like Oxycontin, Percocet, morphine, and Tylenol with codeine. Patients may start out merely trying to get some pain relief, but over time, their bodies develop a tolerance and require higher doses for pain, which may lead to addiction.

Illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, and marijuana are also very addictive. When using these drugs over a long period of time, the body, brain and nervous system are damaged and affected in ways that are sometimes irreparable.

How hypnotherapy for drug abuse works

Hypnotherapy for drug dependency helps you overcome your addiction by identifying what is driving your compulsion to use drugs and then refocusing that desire into something positive. Did you know that even though you mentally crave the drug, and your body reacts when you use it and goes through withdrawal when you don’t, the actual addiction is caused by something in your subconscious mind?

You see, your subconscious mind retains every thought, feeling, emotion, and the situation you have ever experienced, and uses these past events to influence how you think, behave, and react to situations today and in the future. For some reason, sometimes your subconscious will fixate on and magnify something from your past causing an exaggerated response with how you deal with current events or situations. The big problem is that you might not have any memory of the past event, and so are unaware that your mind is making into more than it was.

This is where hypnotherapy for drug abuse helps. Through various hypnosis for drug addiction techniques, a certified hypnotherapist can help you determine why you abuse drugs and then change how your mind and body reacts to them. To do this, your hypnotist will direct you into a trance-like natural state of being. While in this state, the practitioner is able to reach deep into your subconscious and help you identify the memories or feelings that are causing your cravings.

Once these are identified, your hypnotist can reprogram how your mind reacts to drugs. Using special techniques hypnotherapist can make your subconscious see drugs as repulsive and unpleasant objects. By making the idea of drugs so disturbing, your body and mind will no longer want to use them. Much like how you do not crave foods that you find distasteful.

Hypnotherapy for drug addiction by Dr. Tsan

At Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic our internationally recognized hypnotherapist and Medical Doctor Victor Tsan can help you to identify the triggers for your addiction, such as stress, sadness, or anger. During the sessions of hypnotherapy for drug addiction, Dr. Tsan can then plant positive suggestions directly to the subconscious so that when triggered, your mind wants to do something positive and healthy. For example, if you used drugs to help alleviate stress, your Dr. Tsan can train your subconscious to make healthy choices when you feel tense. The best choice would probably to go for a walk or to exercise. Maybe if sadness was your trigger Dr. Tsan can teach your subconscious to feel compelled to draw, paint, or write instead. During your initial FREE consultation at Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic, talk to Victor Tsan, MD about your favorite hobbies and activities as your he can include those desired activities as positive alternatives and suggestions during your session.

This is what hypnotherapy for drug addiction is all about; becoming happy and healthy and regaining your love for life through fulfilling lifestyle changes. In just a short time, hypnosis for drug dependency can help you overcome your addiction to drugs and give you back the freedom and power to deal with life’s challenges in a positive, healing way.

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